Friday, May 30, 2014

How to get more Kindle and audio books

San Francisco Public Library has a limit to how many e-books you can have out at a time. I came up against that limit recently. I wanted to get a book out for my son to read, but had too many checked out.

You can't return a book on the SFPL Overdrive site, nor on the Kindle itself.

But you can return books on the Amazon website, under Your Account->Manage Your Content & Devices.

If you click the "..." button next to a checked-out book, you'll get a pop-up menu.

I added that circle to "Return this book."

Select "Return this book," and after a while, it'll disappear from your checked-out shelf on the Overdrive site, freeing up a slot for another audio or Kindle book!

Next, I'll show you how to check out and use an audio book on Overdrive.

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