Friday, June 21, 2013

Free summer movies in the East Bay

I had posted about the free movies in Alameda before. Well, this year, when I was looking around, I found some just up the hill as well.

Alameda will have three Starlight Movies in the Park this year. The Lorax is tonight.

Redwood Heights, Oakland, however, will have NINE!

We love to bring our camp chairs, a picnic blanket and picnic, and plenty of warm clothes and blankets to tuck around us, as it can get chillier than you might think.

Welcome back!

I haven't been posting, but I have been saving!

I was just raving to a friend about reading books on the Kindle app on my iPad. For free!

The Kindle app is free (if you have a tablet, there is likely a Kindle app for it), and the books are borrowed through my local library and the San Francisco Public Library, online. I paid for public parking ($5) in SF in order to go in person into the library to get a SFPL library card, which is available to anyone.

With my library-card number, I log in to the Overdrive site, put books on hold, and reserve them. When they're available, I log back in, click "download" and "Kindle" (for book format), and it transfers me to the Amazon site, where I select my iPad as the device. The next time I start my Kindle app and pull down to "sync," my new books show up.

I don't always finish them in three weeks, but if I want to finish the book, I just reserve it again, and the next time the book syncs, Kindle remembers what page I'm on.

I also get audio books this way. I have an older iPod Touch that I use for audio books for any car trip, even short ones. I download the book in the Overdrive app on my laptop, pull it into iTunes, and sync it to the iPod to listen to it in my car. I am always wanting to read, and listening to books in the car allows me to check them off my list all that much faster!

If you're in the Bay Area, I highly recommend getting a SFPL library card in order to have access to more digital books (audio or Kindle/ePub etc.), and to get familiar with the digital books from your local library as well.

Happy reading!